Precision Planting

Precision Planting at Birkey's

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Precision Planting Products

Delta Force

Delta Force®

Automatically control down pressure on every row for more accurate seed depth across varying soil conditions. DeltaForce can also lift the row unit to optimize seed placement in soft soil.
20/20 SeedSense

20/20 SeedSense®

Real-time, row-by-row, performance monitoring allows you to make decisions on the go. It provides clear visibility to diagnose planting errors, reduce compaction, control depth and evaluate seeding performance.
Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep®

Set and adjust residue managers from the cab using CleanSweep®. Air cylinders provide flexibility and enhanced performance to clear residue and improve emergence without going too deep to create trenches.


The vDrive™ electric meter-drive system prevents overlaps and provides contour control to maximize seed placement accuracy. Maintain the prescribed population on each row for optimal yield potential.


The vSet™ vacuum meter system provides industryleading singulation accuracy with no need for adjustments.

Precision Planting Retrofit Options

Jeff Stiers walks us through several retrofit options that Precision Planting has available. No matter what color of planter you have, these products will ensure that you are successful year to year, pass to pass, and seed to seed.